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Time and Frequency Information for "Time-Nuts"

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AntCom L1/L2 Choke Ring Antenna

Arbiter Systems 1088B GPS Clock Manual (3.46MB.pdf)


Austron 1210D Portable Clock Manual (3.55MB.pdf)

Austron 1210D Foldout Drawings(1.5MB.pdf)

Austron 1250A Crystal Oscillator Manual(1.3MB.pdf)

Austron 1295D Distribution Chassis Manual(15MB.pdf)

Calibration Techniques for High Stability Oscillators (114KB.pdf)

Datum bc635 PCI Card Manual (859KB.pdf)

Datum 9396 GPS Time Code and Frequency Generator Manual (3.38MB.pdf)

Efratom FRK-H/L Rubidium Manual (5.1MB.pdf)

Efratom FRS Rubidium Manual (2.4MB.pdf)

Efratom M-100 Rubidium Manual (20.8MB.pdf)

Efratom MGPS Manual (503KB.pdf)

Efratom MSF-286 Manual (165KB.pdf)

Efratom VRFS Manual (3.2MB.pdf)

FTS 4060 Operations Manual (11.3MB.pdf)

GPS Antenna Information (407KB.pdf)

HP GPS L1 Dist. Amp. (211KB.pdf)

HP 58532A GPS L1 Reference Antenna (195KB.pdf)

HP K34-59991A Phase Comparator Manual (296KB.pdf rough copy)

Introduction to Time and Frequency Metrology (300KB.pdf)


Kinemetrics 60-DC WWVB Synchronized Digital Clock Op/Ser Manual (8.1MB.pdf)


Kinemetrics 468-DC Satellite Synchronized Clock Op/Ser Manual (4.88MB.pdf)


Reference Oscillator Measurement/Calibration (51KB.pdf)


Spectracom 8143 Signal Selector Manual (249KB.pdf)


Spectracom 8163 WWVB Receiver/Comparator Manual(1.55MB.pdf)


Spectracom 8182 NetClock/2 Manual (1.8MB.pdf)


Spectracom 8183 NetClock/GPS Manual (2.4MB.pdf)


Spectracom 8195 "GPS Ageless Oscillator" (GPSDO) Manual (1.06MB.pdf)


Stanford Research PRS10 Rubidium Manual (467KB.pdf)


Time and Time Code Reference (663KB.pdf)


Tektronix Timing Jitter Article (2.26MB.pdf)


Tracor 527E Manual (28.4MB.pdf)


Trak Systems 8820A GPS Station Clock Manual (1.7MB.pdf)


Link to Arbiter Systems Manuals


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